Deepset Nyx build story

This build will be a new shape, which warrants a name of its own. I’ve decided to call it Nyx after the goddess of night. I’ll explain why …

I decided to make some templates so I had guitars of different shapes to offer. Hopefully they’ll have their own personalities, I’m working on how that will evolve. So I decided to name the body shapes. The LED lights are the main unique element of my guitars, so I wondered about playing on the light idea. Eos is the goddess of dawn, I like that. Deepst Eos will be built.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought Eos will suit the shape on the right of the picture below. The pointy shaped one on the left was going to be more menacing, dark in colour and a mood to match. So what about darkness. Nyx is goddess of night. Marvellous, Nyx is is then.

I’ve got some extra features in mind for Nyx. The control layout will look something like this. Details later…

I cut the shape out in 10mm ply. It’s based upon the shape of my superstrat guitar – a super rare Yamaha RGZ Custom. This will have a similar shape but very different apart from that.

I made the template, drew round it and cut it out with a bandsaw.

Next stage was routing the guitar shape, using the template as a guide.

I don’t usually put a forearm contour in, but this new shape looks like it wanted one.

The next stage is routing the cavities and neck pocket. As this is a new shape guitar for me, that meant first making templates for every cavity, and extra ones for the ones that needed a recess for the cover to fit into. The control cavity needs to be extra big and quite deep too, as the 3 way toggle switch is quite big.

Working out the control layout and positioning everything was painstaking. Cutting a slot for the 3 way switch was a new challenge, requiring a new power tool and a steady hand!

After that it was sanding, sanding, sanding, wetting to raise the grain and a little more sanding…

On to the neck…

I acquired a new fret levelling beam recently and used it to level the frets before a good polish. This will probably be the most accurately levelled neck I have used, so really looking forward to the result.

Back to the body. Nyx needs to be dark and moody. It needs stain, dark blue sunburst effect I thought. I’m using water based stains, which aren’t that easy to blend, but the first coat looks OK..

Sadly it didn’t look nearly that good once it dried, but it’s an iterative process, I’ll get there!

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